What is a doula?

The word doula comes from the ancient Greek language and the literal meaning of doula is slave/servant, but here doula means a woman who supports other women in childbirth and beyond. Doulas provide physical, emotional, and relational support to mothers as they prepare for birth and parenthood. 

A doula is there for the partner also. A birth doula does not replace the role of your chosen birthing partner.  The birth doula works very closely with any other coach present, and uses her training to assist and empower the birth partner to be actively present during the labor and delivery. The birth doula remains focused on the needs of the mother even at the end of the birth when all other eyes turn to the baby being born. 


Why should you hire a doula? 

Because hiring a birth doula can make a world of difference by:

  • resulting in shorter labors with less complications

  • reducing the likelihood of pitocin use, forceps, vacuum extraction and cesareans

  • decreasing the likelihood of mother requesting pain medication and/or epidurals

  • making for an overall happier childbirth experience

  • reducing your chances of developing post partum depression

  • increasing your success with breastfeeding


Our Philosophy

We support our families from conception and beyond.  With Tarrant Co. Birth doulas you can expect the highest quality of care and information available.  We look forward to discussing evidence based resources that may be helpful when envisioning your birth.  We pride ourselves in supporting our community and it is our goal to see more and more families making informed decisions that impact their family in a positive way.  Every family deserves a birth experience they can look back on and cherish.  You can have your empowering birth, and we would be honored to support you in that.   


More about us

  • Positive and professional relationships with care providers and other birth professionals in our community

  • DONA or BBC trained and/or certified

  • Ongoing relationships with clients for continued support after the birth of their baby

  • Experience with acupressure for pregnancy, labor support, and postpartum healing

  • Continuing education in kinesiotaping for pregnancy, labor support, and postpartum healing

  • Certified Childbirth Instructor through Birth Boot Camp

  • Breastfeeding advocates and lactation education

  • Experienced in home, birthing center and hospital births

  • Experienced in lip and tongue ties to help you achieve a successful breastfeeding relationship

  • Trusted list of community resources for well rounded support