Birth Doula, Nutrition & Essential Oil Education, Babywearing Advocate, Kinesiotaping for Pregnancy & Postpartum, Belly Binding


My journey to becoming a doula began after my niece was born in 2011. Witnessing my sister educate herself, prepare for, & achieve an unmedicated VBAC was eye opening and drove me to learn more about pregnancy, birth, and the options available. My sister's experience ignited a passion within me and I went on to use a doula for the birth of my first son in 2014.  Soon after he was born I decided to pursue my passion for supporting families through pregnancy, birth, & postpartum and become a doula. I believe that the birth of your child(ren) is one of your biggest life moments and having unconditional support will make it a positive and empowering experience. My desire is to shift the birth culture so that every woman can birth without fear. 

I live in Fort Worth with my husband and two boys. I grew up in DFW and went to Texas A&M University. Before becoming a doula I was a sixth grade teacher in Arlington. I love traveling, cycling, & playing with my boys. 



Doctor of Physical Therapy, Birth Doula, Childbirth Education and Essential Oil Education, Kinesiotaping for Pregnancy & Postpartum, Belly Binding


Hello! I am married to my husband of 14 years, John, and we have four precious children. I grew up in Arlington and went to Texas A&M for my undergraduate degree. After graduating from A&M, John and I moved to Boston where I attended physical therapy school and later went on to work as a PT as Massachusetts General Hospital.

While we were in Boston, I gave birth to my son, who was born by cesarean after discovering (3 days into labor) that he was frank breech. Though not at all the outcome I had hoped for, his birth put me on the road to where I am now! I learned everything I could about natural birth and 22 months later gave birth to my daughter...an unmedicated hospital birth with an amazing OB...my VBAC! In 2015 we welcomed our second daughter, who was born at home, in the water and in the caul. It was a beautiful experience.

My own personal experiences have made me a doula and childbirth educator who is passionate about evidence based birth and empowering women to have the kind of birth that I know is possible! I truly believe that our bodies were made for this, and that with the right education, preparation, and support, we can experience birth the way it was meant to be and change the culture of birth in our country.

My dream is that every woman, everywhere, will know the joy of a truly safe, comfortable, and satisfying birthing for herself and her baby.
— Marie Mongan