Childbirth, Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Education

Taught by NIDO staff Kelli Besancon, PT, DPT, BBCD, BBCI

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 Birth Boot Camp Comprehensive: Complete Preparation for an Amazing Birth - $350

If you desire an unmedicated birth, are first-time parents, or are preparing for a VBAC, this class will prepare you on all levels - physically, mentally, and emotionally. Workbook included. This class series runs 25 hours and is typically taught over a 10-week period, or ten 2.5 hour sessions.




Hospital Birth Class - $250

Our hospital class is designed for the couple who wants more than a standard hospital class. More education. More fun. More relaxation and labor practice. More information on interventions, including medicated and cesarean births. They want to be able to make informed decisions as their birth unfolds. Workbook included. This class is 15 hours in total, typically taught over six 2.5 hour sessions.




Out of Hospital Birth Class - $225

If you are planning to have your baby at home or at a freestanding birth center, this class will give you what you need to know about labor. Learn what happens before, during, and after birth, as well as variations of labor and comfort measures. Workbook included. Class time 10 hours, typically broken up into four 2.5 hour sessions.

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 Reboot Refresher - $85

Take time to prepare for THIS pregnancy and birth! This course a 3-4 hour natural birth refresher and is perfect for those who have already had a natural birth. Refreshers are scheduled on an individual basis and taught as private classes. 



Comfort Measures: Amazing Coping Strategies for labor - $85

This workshop is designed to help both partners build confidence for the big day. You’ll take in lots of relaxation, comfort measures, massage, imagery for labor, as well as communication skills for labor. This workshop does not replace a childbirth education course. The beautiful workbook that comes with this workshop is one you’ll want to spend time with for the duration of the pregnancy. Class time approximately 4 hours.



Food and Fitness: A Program for the Childbearing Year - $65

Being healthy and low-risk through nutrition and exercise will not only help you in the delivery room, but you will feel better during pregnancy and recover more quickly postpartum. Birth Boot Camp has designed a program especially for you. Build a great physical foundation for your pregnancy, birth, and baby. Read the 50+ page workbook cover to cover, or use it as a reference. Class time approximately 3 hours.

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Homecoming: Life With a New Recruit - $85

This is your manual to early parenthood! Topics include breastfeeding (3.5 hour video course included), newborn procedures, babywearing, safe sleep, postpartum topics, and baby comfort techniques to help you and your partner get off to a great start with your new baby. Workbook included. Class time approximately 4 hours.


Birth Boot Camp for Siblings - $35 (+$10/each additional child)

When a baby is on the way, everyone in the family should be prepared! This class is formatted to educate siblings who will be present at the birth, however can be adapted for children that won’t be present but want to learn about what to expect when mommy is pregnant and when the new baby arrives. This class is 1-2 hours and is ideally taken 4 weeks before baby’s estimated arrival. Recommended for ages 3 and up.

*Preparing Children for Birth workbook available for purchase individually for $15.95


Class Registration

If you have questions, would like to register for class, or would like to discuss private class options, please email me at or fill out the registration form for the class you plan to attend on the Class and Workshop Schedule page of our site.

Space is limited, so please register early. A minimum of $75 (for birth classes, $25 for all other classes) is due at time of registration to cover materials and reserve your spot in the class. Payment may be made by cash, check, or PayPal (to 

*Supply fees are non-refundable. Class fees are non-refundable after first class. Up to two classes may be made up online if necessary if taking the 10 week comprehensive class; otherwise, make up classes are given at the discretion of the instructor.

Why Birth Boot Camp?

Birth Boot Camp provides you with 25+ hours of education on pregnancy, natural birth, breastfeeding, and newborn care. You will receive a 150 page full color workbook, over 2 hours of breastfeeding education by Mellanie Shephard, IBCLC via a digital download that you can keep for reference once baby arrives, additional weekly resources, and more!

Most importantly, with preparation from Birth Boot Camp, you CAN have an amazing birth!

Planning a VBAC? Birth Boot Camp comes highly recommended by midwives and OBs!

Online Classes

Live classes are always recommended, however online classes are available if you are unable to attend a live class. Click HERE to register for an online class. If you use the link and decide to register for an online class, please still feel free to email me if you have any questions!